Educate – Engage – Enchant


Books and Bicycles Press was born in the midst of a pandemic, at a time when most of us were seeking a little more meaning in our lives. From the outset, I wanted it to be as eco-friendly as possible. As I have learned more about the publishing industry, ideas have developed – but at the heart of it is the intention to bring books to the world that promise to always do three things: educate, engage and enchant readers. If you ever buy a book from Books and Bicycles Press that has a green logo within, you can be assured that it has been printed on recycled paper in the UK by an eco-award winning printing company; it will be sent to you in recycled packaging, using eco-conscious Royal Mail. While some books will be available via other sources, these are distinguished by having a black Books and Bicycles logo. I hope that many readers make the choice to go with the eco options made readily available to them. This planet is the only one we have, and it’s worth looking after.

Whispers of a Million Elephants

The sequel to ‘Silver River Shadow’, this is the second in the Little Yellow Plane Adventure series. This time, Lizzie and Bobby head to Thailand and Laos, learning about the Secret War. Based on true stories.

Silver River Shadow

This middle-grade adventure follows Lizzie and Bobby as they venture into the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Looking to find out about Lizzie’s family history, they instead uncover the truth of the mercury tragedy that still afflicts the lives of thousands of Canada’s indigenous community living in northwestern Ontario. 

Jolly Ollie Octopus

The first in the ‘Jolly Ollie’ series introduces the principal character. Just as octopus change colour in nature to identify with their surroundings or to express their moods, so does Ollie. Ollie learns to understand how he can help himself – and sometimes others – when feeling gloomy. The book is written sensitively, not stigmatising ‘bad days’ or depression but rather accepting these feelings as something that people live with.

Jolly Ollie and his Australian Adventure

The second in the ‘Jolly Ollie’ series, Ollie travels to the far side of the world. The book is dedicated to the Japanese idea of ‘mono no aware’ – there is beauty in some things because they are transient – and is ideal for initiating difficult one-on-one conversations with children who have experienced a loss.

Jolly Ollie and his Asian Odyssey

This is Ollie’s third adventure and this time, as he floats across Asia, he’s thinking about the true meaning of home. An epic odyssey takes the reader all the way from hermit crabs in Scotland to dolphins in Hong Kong, and it’s perfect for discussing transitions with children. All the Ollie books are suitable for confident KS1 readers: at around 1300 words each, they are significantly longer than typical picture books.

Blackberries aren’t that scary

The first in ‘The Cornish Stories’ series, readers are introduced to real-life racehorse Baz and his three Dartmoor pony sisters. The story follows Baz from racetrack to fields and freedom, written in a fun, clip-clop rhyme.

Hoofbeats in the Moonlight

 The sequel to ‘Blackberries aren’t that scary’ follows Baz and his sisters onto Bodmin Moor. Most of a menagerie is needed to get Baz back home in this fast-paced barrelling adventure.

Think you have a book that fits with this small press?


I am looking for authors of books that will educate, engage and enchant readers.


While I am happy to work with you to bring a story to life, I am also looking for authors who have written a book that fits neatly alongside Books and Bicycle Press's current offerings. Anything that explores both internal and physical journeys is of interest, and something that takes readers to a new corner of the world is ideal. I will work with you to choose the most appropriate printing and distribution techniques that fit alongside your ideals and your author goals. Those looking to produce full eco editions will be prioritised.