Within and Without


The thing about photographs is that the person behind the lens is as much a part of the image as everyone and everything on the other side of it. I take photos when I travel to remember the particular quirks of a country, to remind myself of madness and mishaps, and in an effort to capture what I think makes each place beautiful. A favourite shot is a landscape with one or two individuals going about their daily lives – an image that tells a story of a land and its people. My photographs have been used alongside my words in multiple articles and publications, and by themselves on the BBC and Daily Telegraph sites. The photojournals here use words and pictures to give some insights into a few of the places I have wandered around: the final album, Looking in on the lives of others, is a selection of portraits of people and dogs. I am available to provide images for everything from large corporate projects to family albums.

Laos: hide and seek among the Buddhas

It is a glorious, bright, colourful chaos that is somehow both addictive and abhorrent.

Guatemala: all things bright and beautiful

Chicken buses with polished chrome and painted sides belch out their route along highways, and impossible stars and glowing volcanoes light up the night.

Indonesia: the rooster and the rice terrace

In Indonesia, so much depends upon a green rice paddy, damp with rain, dotted with strutting roosters.

Botswana: in the company of lions

It is during early morning game drives that Botswana really shows off: a palette of colours found nowhere else in the world is used to daub the skies and trees and plains.

France and Italy: a little bit of wine and sunshine

I had never really had much time for France, viewing it primarily as an inconvenient barrier between England and Italy.

Hawai’i: aloha from the Big Island

The flight from LA arrived into Hilo just after sunset, so the only thing I remember from my first evening is the bright lit interior of a supermarket where I stared in horror at the price-tags and tried to make sense of an entire aisle dedicated to Spam.

Looking in on the lives of others

Whoever said ‘never work with dogs or children’ clearly hadn’t worked with the right dogs.

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I can provide everything from corporate photos to the perfect shot for a family album.


All images on the website are for sale so if there is one that just needs to be on your wall then let me know. I can also help with photographs to promote your business by adding finishing touches to a brochure or website, and when we're in the same part of the world then I am available for portraits of pets and family. Prints of your children make the perfect present for even the most awkward relatives...