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Leisurely Tours for Lovers of Books


Books & Bicycles tours are designed for those who love all things literary and want to combine this with a gentle ride around the beautiful British countryside. Even if you’ve shunned bicycles for fifty years after an unfortunate incident with a steep hill and malfunctioning brakes, there is a tour that is perfect for you. Whether making the most of a weekend, dedicating a fortnight to scouring the countryside for an errant Mr Darcy, or travelling with younger bookworms, there is a way of blending those two most perfect companions: books and bicycles. Dip in and daydream…

A Conspiracy of Crime Writers

Explore the lingering, literary dangers of life in sleepy Devonshire villages: follow in the tracks of Holmes and Poirot and their artful creators, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.

A Lady And Her Letters

A feisty feminist, witty and worldly, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu was a significant figure in eighteenth century literary circles. Spend ten days meandering through the heart of England, taking in the Peak District and Derbyshire, discovering her works and world.

Ambling through Austen’s world

Jane Austen created some of the most enjoyable, engaging and enduring novels of all time. The tour has a particular emphasis on Sense and Sensibility, passes through places Austen herself stayed, and ends at the setting of some of the best-loved scenes of Persuasion.

A weekend with Darcy, Thornton & Rochester

Spend a couple of days cycling around the Peak District and Derbyshire in pursuit of the most handsome heroes of them all: Darcy, Thornton and Rochester. A stunning route, the perfect introduction to cycle touring, that will leave you weighing up the relative merits of haughty and proud – but dashed wonderful – leading men.

Does a Books & Bicycles tour sound like your cup of tea?


Slowly cycling around the countryside in pursuit of all things literary is the perfect holiday for book lovers.


If you love the idea of spending some time on two wheels seeing the most beautiful parts of Britain and getting up close and personal with your favourite authors and books, please send me a message and I can help you organise a bespoke tour. One day, I plan to guide some tours myself: I have a lifelong love of books, a 1st class honours degree in English Literature where I specialised in the Romantics, crime literature and the Modernists, and a Master of Studies from the University of Oxford with a niche emphasis on eighteenth century women's poetry. I bring unique ideas, thoughts and enthusiasm to all literary topics and am looking forward to spending time with a group of likeminded bookworms in pursuit of the ghosts between and behind the pages. If you are interested in joining a tour just fill in the contact form, let me know which route interests you the most, and I will send you dates and costs as soon as they are confirmed.